Hi there! I’m Julia, a Melbourne Celebrant, a ‘tiny house’ lover & a damn good dinner party thrower! Whether you want to get married in your backyard with all the family, or run away to somewhere picturesque and elope, I can help. I would LOVE to help! Let's make this happen!

What I offer:

A unique, upbeat ceremony that is fun, sincere and relaxed! 

I provide two catch ups & make sure all the legal paperwork is organised. Over a drink we’ll plan the best ceremony ever so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

  • I also offer Living Funerals

  • Mumma Blessing ceremonies

  • Commitment ceremonies

  • Renewal of Vow ceremonies


Elope with Julia: $555 for a short 8 minute pre-written ceremony + your own wedding vows. This does not include my PA system or a rehearsal.

Awesome ceremony with an offsite rehearsal: $1055 20-25 minute ceremony which includes 2 catch ups (one being the offsite rehearsal) , travel within Melbourne, my PA system, the legal paperwork and an awesome personal, engaging ceremony!

Travel: Regional Victoria travel add an extra $250, Interstate travel add an extra $500

More about me!

“Go you good thing!”
”Omg how pretty are these fairy lights!”
”Well stick a fork in me, I'm done!”

These are just a handful of the things you might catch me saying on the daily and I just can't help it. When I see women kicking goals, when I see small businesses take a leap of faith, when I see the most stunning vintage hat worn by a wedding guest, I just have to say so and it isn't uncommon to hear that my happiness or enthusiasm is contagious.

Hence why I adore my job as a Celebrant. I get to be in and amongst so much beauty all the time and it's the real kind of beauty too. Pure love on people's faces. Amazing musos setting the scene on their guitars. Decadent cakes just waiting to be devoured.

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually not that into extravagant weddings. I'm more a backyard wedding kinda girl but something that I've always noticed is my ability to see the beauty in things and I have a natural and fun way of sharing this with an audience.
The way I deliver a ceremony is quite sincere. I don't waffle on too much. I do get excited about a couple's story but I often find that 'less is more' and I would much rather find creative ways of incorporating the couple's friends and family into a ceremony than bore people with generic stuff or go on for too long about how you got engaged etc.

To me, a marriage is worth celebrating. Heck, being alive is worth celebrating!! and I strongly feel that we need to give ourselves more time to enjoy those we love and also enjoy the simplicity and beauty of 'ceremony'.

I’ve been a Celebrant now for 10 years, I freakin love it. I am also a wife to Julian (I know… Julia & Julian) and I have 2 sons, Joseph and Leon. I’m studying Auslan, I love my bubble baths and I am also passionate about being eco-friendly, minimalistic & romantic. I also love the 1950’s style or the florally boho barefoot hippy style.

I am a creative business woman and I love LOVE! Hoorah! Want to catch up? Let’s do it!


'Julia is an absolute gem.'

"My husband and I instantly fell in love with Julia the moment we met her at my sister’s wedding. We had to have her at ours!

And boy did she not disappoint! Julia composed the most beautiful and personalised ceremony ever which was exactly what we wanted, fun filled with laughter and relaxed at the right moments. She is one of the most wonderful, kind and genuine person you will be lucky enough to have to guide you through this experience.

Julia is an absolute gem, very hands on and we really could not have imagined any one doing a better job then her. Thank you for going above and beyond for us. We would recommend everyone to put your trust in her wholeheartedly as we did and what she will bring to you is immeasurable."

— A.C. 2017

'We would both recommend her in a heart beat!'

"We had a great experience with Julia, she was personable and friendly yet super-organised which actually gave us a lot of confidence on the day and really helped us go through the process of creating our own unique vows.

I loved the list of questions she provided us, which gave us the opportunity as a couple to work through and discover what our marriage was going to mean as well as craft a ceremony that we felt really represented us and was unique.

She also brought a refreshing youthfulness to the event, having no issue eliciting participation from our guests in a fun and meaningful way and providing another nice point of difference between the many other celebrant services out there.

And finally I also appreciated the fact she was willing to go through a rehearsal with us, on location that provided a great opportunity to meet her in person as well as get a great feel for how things were going to happen on the day.

We would both recommend her in a heart beat."

— J.L 2016

'Our Signing Celebrant.'

When I started looking for a celebrant I started my search on Facebook. I saw Julia’s bubbly personality come through her profile photo and I immediately wanted to book her. From the moment we met, my husband and I knew Julia was the right celebrant for us. It also just so happened that Julia was beginning an Auslan course and my mother is profoundly deaf - it was a miracle. With every meeting, Skype call and messages sent between Julia and I, she was always so professional and fun and on the day it was such a blessing to have her as our celebrant. Sahin and I couldn’t have been more impressed with Julia, she truly went above and beyond for us to be our #signingcelebrant

— B.S 2019