Weddings by Alia

Alia is an absolute joy to be around! She's chatty, extremely personable and you can tell that she puts a lot of love, time and energy into her celebrancy business. She adores chocolate, a good coffee and time with her beautiful little family.

If you're looking for a lady who really enjoys the creative process of putting a ceremony together and you like the idea of an eloquent public speaker who’s a little obsessed with KATE SPADE, than Alia is your girl!!


Happily Ever After Celebrant

Katie is a complete creative! You know your ceremony will be good because not only is she adamant that every ceremony should be unique and engaging, this young lady is a published author!

Katie is funky, slightly nerdy and delights in a quiet evening with some cross stitch! She provides all of her couples with an inspiration guide loaded onto a usb and then using all of the ideas you are drawn to, she will craft a ceremony that is a perfect reflection of you.


Bree Kuffer

Bree is definitely the kind of lady you'd want to have in your wedding team if you plan on creating a killer ceremony!! Always establishing a great camaraderie with her couples and the crowd, freeing them to laugh, cry, applaud or wolf whistle! Whatever the ceremony invokes in them. 

With a background in corporate communications and a Mum to four boys, she's a natural at multi-tasking and says that writing and talking are her sweet spots! She’s social and bubbly and just too much fun!! When it’s all said and done you’ll be wishing she lived just around the corner so you could stay friends! We are thrilled to have Bree a part of JCA!


Peter Gourlay

Peter is just fantastic! One of the things you will be sure to love about Peter is the tone of his deep and inviting voice! It’s soothing, warm and so lovely to listen to! Haha. Peter is your go-to Celebrant if you are after someone who is passionate about the role of ritual and ceremony, without it being overly stiff or stodgy!

With a keen interest in theatre, film, music and travel, Peter also confesses to being a prolific card sender which I think is a reassuring characteristic of a Celebrant! It takes an articulate yet grateful and celebratory kind of person to write a good card, so these skills will be most definitely valued when he composes your beautiful ceremony.


Laura Lehmann

Laura thinks weddings are the Bees Knees!! She firmly believes that your ceremony should be the first chapter to an incredible marriage and she helps you create this by making sure every little thing that is included is meaningful and important to you both.

Laura has a gorgeous family of one awesome husband and 3 energetic children (one girl and twin boys) who really just make her even more of a wonder woman! She loves photography, chatting to all kinds of people and she thinks coffee is ALSO the Bees Knees!


LoveLee Ceremonies

Meet Lee! She’s the ‘little bit cheeky’ open minded, fun loving Celebrant you have been waiting for! With a love for Lemon Meringue Pie and having a boogie on the dance floor, you can be sure that this LoveLee Lady is more than happy to give something a bit ‘left of centre’ a go.

Lee enjoys performing detailed or ‘express’ ceremonies and she’s also a big fan of Zsa Zsa Gabor (who has 9 husbands) saying ‘She is just as passionate about Marriage as I am!’ Haha.


Weddings By Danielle Emily

What a gorgeous Celebrant Danielle is! She is warm and sincere and with a Diploma in Event Management and a love for Rainbow Paddle Pops, what‘s not to love?

Being a well travelled lady, Danielle takes great joy in meeting couples from here, there and everywhere. In fact she met her own husband whilst holidaying on a cruise ship through Europe.  If you delight in home decorating or watching the movie ‘Father of the Bride’ you and Danielle will get along famously!


Keren Loyer 

Keren is just a barrel of fun! She thrives on being highly organised and goes above and beyond for all her couples saying that each ceremony she creates is unique and hand crafted to ensure complete customer satisfaction! The smiles on these two newlyweds above says it all!

Keren loves everything that comes along with this fabulous job and firmly believes she was made for the role! With her high energy and strong family values you can guarantee that your love for each other will come across beautifully in the ceremony if Keren’s holding the reins.



Julie!! Julie is such a laugh and you will no doubt get along like a house on fire :) Julie lives in Emerald so of course is nature loving, optimistic and incredibly down to earth. Being a bit of a gypsy, Julie loves nothing more than hosting special celebrations in the great outdoors and welcomes all kind of animal involvement too!

A farm wedding or backyard garden party? She's your gal!

Earthy and passionate, Julie really does put her whole heart into this gig and you're guaranteed to walk away feeling well looked after. She also loves to travel so be sure to ask her for honeymoon ideas!


Carol Tokley

Carol can best be described as friendly, easy going and inclusive. In fact her desire for everyone to feel happy and at ease has seen her perform a ceremony where she welcomed everyone in English, Japanese, Latvian and Italian!! She’s all about going with the flow and has a wealth of knowledge in orchestrating performances where music and liturgy are weaved in seamlessly. An added bonus of having Carol as your Celebrant is that her wonderful husband will even come along and look after your ceremony music using their great PA system. That’s not only helpful, it’s good value!! So pleased to have this lovely lady a part of our team.


Celebrations Of You

Brenda is the kind of Celebrant you want to run home and introduce to your Mum! She is an absolute hoot to be around and gets along with anybody and everybody! She brings fun to a ceremony when it’s needed, she brings sincerity and love to the parts that matter most and above all, she really cares about how your ceremony goes. You can tell that her client's happiness is her number one priority and that is what makes her an amazing Celebrant. Oh and she has two adorable Cavaliers who are very spoilt!



Say hello to Emma! She's an absolutely lovely Celebrant who takes great care in complimenting any kind of ceremony! Whilst being sentimental but never cliche, Emma has a love for china tea cups, will look for any excuse to buy fresh flowers and she also has a pet goat..

With a Scottish heritage, Emma feels at home around bagpipes and tartan and would jump at the chance to make any part of a wedding meaningful and sincere. It's a joy to have her a part of JCA as she’s always open to new ideas and shares her wisdom in this field generously xx


Jillian Lance

Jill is our energetic, AFL loving Mornington Peninsula based Celebrant who absolutely loves what she does!

This lovely lady gets a thrill out of public speaking and really enjoys delivering ceremonies that are memorable and engaging for all the right reasons! Her vices are cheese, wine and coffee and when she isn't juggling her two crazy little boys who definitely keep her out of mischief, she's writing personalised love stories that she masterfully weaves into unique and sincere ceremonies. 



If you're looking for a Celebrant with experience, style, confidence and a beautiful warm sense of humour, Cheryl has this in spades!

The highlight of her Celebrant Career thus far as been officiating the ceremonies at both her son's weddings and just loves creating the same level of enthusiasm and joy in her ceremonies for other couples.

Even though she has lived in Europe for many years and is delightfully articulate and classy, she's a real country bumpkin at heart and given the chance would happily spend her days riding her horses and pretending to be one of the McLeod's Daughters :)


Rohan Randall

If you are after a Celebrant who can easily sort out the Hufflepuffs from the Slytherin’s then look no further!!! Rohan is your Harry Potter loving- nacho eating Celebrant who would jump at the chance to make your ceremony come to life with some good old fashioned storytelling.

Rohan adores people and their stories and could easily spend his days people watching, reading, writing and listening to music. It’s no wonder then why Celebrancy has come so naturally for him! Rohan claims to be the best Uncle to have ever walked the planet and also doesn’t hide the fact that he could very well end up as a crazy cat lady.

He is caring, empathetic, funny and professional. It’s hard to believe you can get all of this in just one bundle! :)


Mona Chung-Chao

Mona is a pretty spectacular human being. Not only is she incredibly kind, enthusiastic and creative, she can fluently integrate Cantonese and Mandarin into her ceremonies making her one hell of Celebrant Hybrid! 
Mona is a musical lover from way back and loves dabbling in amateur theatre if given the chance and with so much passion for what she does, she still somehow manages to squeeze in Montessori teaching into her full time schedule of ‘Celebranting’. It's a wonder that ladies like her walk among us, especially when you find out how much personalisation, time and love she weaves into her ceremonies.

Mona you are certainly one of a kind and anyone would be lucky to have you as their Celebrant!


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