A Wedding, some lies and two annoying Poodles.

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Yeah you read it right. Once upon a time, about 5 years ago I had a fake wedding to do for a couple that were already married. Long story short, both sets of parents wanted to see them get married and were unaware they already were!
The Bride's parents were visiting from China and apparently wouldn’t fly back home until they got to see a wedding! Talk about pushy parents!!
So after explaining to them that it will strictly be a commitment ceremony and I can’t lead anyone to believe that it is a real marriage, they agreed and said they will deal with the consequences later.
Alrighty I said. I quoted them my commitment ceremony fee plus an extra $250 to travel to Sale and off I went! Stupidly I forgot to bring snacks for the long drive and arrived famished! Famished is such a good word.
So I get there and it was all VERY AWKWARD. The couple were getting photos in the loungeroom with the photographer and the parents were standing there, trying to make chit chat which of course was difficult given the whole Chinese thing. Haha.
I bounce on in and try make everyone laugh and then I notice two small poodles in the kitchen. CUTE. THEN I find out it wasn’t the Groom’s home at all, it was his parent’s home. The Bride and Groom live in Box Hill. WHY DIDN’T WE DO THE FRIGGEN WEDDING IN BOX HILL!!!
The Groom’s parents insisted the wedding take place at their home in Sale because….. the poodles couldn’t be alone for more than a few hours and they don’t like travelling in the car.
I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty annoyed. I drove ALL THE WAY TO SALE for two Poodles, the Bride and Groom were already married, the whole experience was completely awkward and I was HUNGRY!
As soon as the ceremony was done I was outta there! Definitely wasn't interested in any more small talk with the now very disappointed parentals.
As I drove back home wondering where on earth the closest Maccas was, I thought well at least those two bloody poodles were happy! My goodness, never again.