Wedding Lingo that kind of drives me BONKERS!

To all the Wedding Professionals out there.... Does this sound familiar?

  • "Those Wedding Feels!"
  • "Swooning over these bridesmaid dresses!"
  • "Crushing hard on these blooms!"

It all sounds a little silly to me. Do you actually 'crush hard on blooms'??
Now I LOVE flowers (I did grow up on a flower farm after all!!) And yet I don't feel at all like i'm 'crushing hard on them'.

I guess the message I would like to make here is this: Don't feel like you have to give into this unusual wedding talk just to sound like everyone else. Talk like you normally would. That is what makes you YOU and that should be what you are trying to project. YOU! Your current clients like you! Your future clients want to know more about YOU! So just be yourself :)

So instead of swooning, crushing, melting and getting all the wedding feels over a picture that is intended to send me off to a far away wedding land of dreamy make believe, I'm going to continue using my own Julia language like 'SO EXCITED!" "Super LOVELY!" and Oh my GOODNESS!!!

What's your kind of lingo? :)