Celebrate Yo' Self!

Pretty party picture by pixie rouge photography

Pretty party picture by pixie rouge photography

So, you probably know by now that I love to celebrate. 

I think it's the fundamental reason why I became a Celebrant. 

I actually can't stand a lot of wedding talk (Similar to how I feel about general baby talk.) so I'm definitely not the person you'd go running to if you wanted to chat about the pretty finer details of a wedding like the dress, the invites, the matching cufflinks etc. What I DO relish in however, is finding out what people LOVE to do to celebrate themselves, their loved ones, their life! 

So you love exotic animals and you've chosen to share your vows in the jungle? THAT'S AWESOME!
So you fricken' love doughnuts so you thought you'd spend up big and treat everyone you know to the best doughnut party ever!!??? Good for you!!! (Haha this was totally me!)

My friend Jacqui recently celebrated her 30th and she told me she hired a photographer for the party. "That's awesome!" I said. "It is so nice having professional photos of more casual events and you've achieved a great deal in your 30 years so why not treat yourself to some photos". 
She then said thank you because I was the only person to make her feel good about her decision for hiring a photographer, everyone else kind of expressed that they thought it was a bit over the top.
I find this SO sad. What's a few hundred bucks if it's going to create some long lasting happiness? :) You know what? Those people are too scared to celebrate themselves! 
Life is too short people!
I celebrate myself daily. I am BIG on self care, taking the time to make myself feel good and I always celebrate the little wins. Being a firm believer of celebration I think it's a shame that some only celebrate themselves once a year on their birthday. Some people don't even like celebrating their birthday! I just don't understand these people.
We work damn hard, we are always doing things for others whilst trying to get ahead and better ourselves in the process, we DESERVE ongoing celebration!
I've had many people roll their eyes and scoff at some of the things I have chosen to do to celebrate my life and I don't care in the slightest. Hiring a masseuse for a party to celebrate motherhood and friendship sounds wonderful to me! Hiring a BIG jumping castle so all my friends with kids can relax a bit more at my party just sounds smart to me. Next year I'm going overseas for a couple weeks to celebrate a milestone of 10 years in the biz and leaving the kids behind. This sounds perfectly acceptable... AND 1000% more relaxing!
Small business owners, parents, people who look after their parents, hell EVERYONE deserves to treat themselves for trying to be a decent person and we shouldn't make people feel bad for doing so.
Book in that massage people! Go on that camping trip! Sign up to that online course! Say no to that awkward catch up you'd rather not go to and instead take a nap. Do what it takes to make you feel wonderful! 
If my clients are celebrating their marriage in a way that makes them feel awesome, then I'd consider my job well done :)