If Wedding Photography wasn't a thing.

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If Wedding Photography wasn’t a thing, can you imagine how relaxed weddings would be?
Don’t get me wrong I love Wedding Photographers. I love the way they see the world, how much effort and passion they put into their businesses. I find many of them to be very inspiring, dedicated and interesting people.
However with the way that photography is becoming such a focus of the day, I can’t help but wonder how much more fun, simple and stress free weddings would be if photography just wasn’t even on people’s minds.
I’ve come up with some dot points.

  1. Social media for weddings would be vastly different. Wedding guests and suppliers would actually resort to using some good vocab to describe how the wedding was.
  2. Word of mouth advertising would shoot through the roof! People would go back to handing out business cards and not relying on suppliers and clients to tag, photograph and link in their work to get the word out.
  3. There would be so much less pressure for new industry suppliers starting out. Your newsfeeds wont be bursting through the seams with picture perfect weddings, giving you the constant reminder that you need to be seen, be posting, be promoting, be present and looking successful/ busy. I imagine your work and successes will grow naturally (and probably a bit slower).

Side note:  Think of an Accountant starting out running their own business. I doubt they would rely on photos of beautiful spreadsheets and selfies with happy customers to make their businesses blossom. They would rely on hard work and over time their efforts would be rewarded, well, you'd hope!

4. How much more chilled would the couple be! There'd be less worrying about how grand the flowers are or how decadent the cake will be as they will be enjoyed for what they are, not for how they will look on Instagram. You probably wont even bother getting a ‘Welcome to the wedding of…’ sign either because no one will photograph it. I’m sure the function staff will point the guests in the right direction if you didn’t order a pretty sign.

5. There will probably be much more relaxed and unique dress codes! No last minute online shopping trying to get matching floral Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns and no one would be too concerned if the Groomsmen wore slightly different shades of navy. Things like this would become much less important.

6. Wedding guests in general would be more present, taking in the details of the ceremony and the day. More people would wear comfortable foot ware and more mismatched jackets and cardigans and waaaaaaaay less money and time would be spent on hair and makeup.

 As much as the above can sound like an ideal wedding situation for many, I can’t see photography loosing it’s oomph in the industry. Photography has definitely gone beyond just capturing a memory, it’s a way of life.  The little hippy in me says bring back the old school weddings, yet here I am taking selfies under breathtaking floral arches and marveling at exquisite calligraphied place cards that simply need to be photographed.

(I repeat, I do really like Wedding Photographers, please don't hate me! :))