Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeaaahhhhh!

The more and more creative, unique and expressive weddings are getting, the bigger push there is for wedding suppliers to ‘tell their story’ through social media so we can attract the right kind of clientele.
With over 8,000 Celebrants out there, that’s a lot of 'story telling’ floating around the interwebs and I can easily see how overwhelming it can be to differentiate yourself. So to help you see which perks you love about the Celebrancy I got the fab Kim Coffey (check her out here) to draw a picture of a super cute Celebrant... It may just inspire you to create a few posts around why, how and what you love about the job!

I LOVE that this job involves travel! I love finding myself in new gardens, on the balconies of funky bars and out there amongst the grape vines.
I LOVE that I can get all nerdy with my business stats and record keeping. I thrive off reaching my KPI’s, monitoring my bounce rate, increasing my reviews and … (insert other businessy lingo here)  Haha
I LOVE that I get to meet strangers all the time and learn new stuff! My couples come from all walks of life and I love finding out about their occupations, what they do to have fun and what they think about pop culture like Bachie!!
I LOVE getting all dressed up! There is nothing quite like getting spruced up on a Friday arvo after a long week of wearing house clothes. Yay for fun earrings, stretchy dresses and lipstick!
I LOVE being around LOVE! 
I LOVE networking and making new friends in the wedding world. 
I love social media and how I can run my business through it! Posting photos! Hashtagging suppliers till the cows come home. It's good fun.
I love driving! (I actually do!) Country weddings are my jam. I find the transit therapeutic.
I love WRITING!  I love letting my creative juices flow into beautiful scripts, couple stories, online blogs and anywhere else I can get a word in. 
I love the work life balance. There’s such a lovely mix of home life and work life with this gig! I dig it :)
I love the hours of this job. No one needs me in the morning, I get to call my own shots, be my own boss.

Do any of these LOVES resonate with you? Then post about it girlfriend!! :) Haha.


celebrant .png